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Here are a few pictures of customer vehicles and what they had to say!

Pat Kelly:

I wanted to say thanks to Loran for the outstanding install of my suspension parts. This guy went above and beyond anything I could have imagined. He took his time and did the little extras that most would not. He treated my car like it was his own and provided excellent advice for future needs. If you need any suspension work, this is the guy to call.

Nav Dev:

#1  Had some serious alignment issues after i did my tubular K member/A arm install to the point where the car wouldnt even roll correctly. I also needed my panhard bar installed, since i no longer trusted my abilities to do suspension work after screwing up something with the k member install. So i wanted to find a experienced person/shop that knows suspension on mustangs to do the work and get it all to specs.

Got recommended to Loran at The Open Track Connection. He got everything figured out in the front end perfectly. Ended up not being the K member, but the shocks not being adjusted/installed perfectly. He got the PHB installed perfectly to specs and even corrected the welds on my sub frame connectors that was done by some hacks at a speed shop (not any sponsors on here).

Car was done today and it was gonna be difficult for me to get it since i had no ride. He offered to swing by and pick me up and take me to the car. To my surprise when he showed up, he had my car in tow and brought it to my house!! Now that's just awesome, ive never had somebody go up and beyond to help me out. He is really good people, I completely recommend him to anybody looking for any chasis/suspension work done.

Thanks Loran! 

#2 Just wanted to thank Loran at The Open Track Connection for the excellent suspension work on my car. I'm very picky on whom i let work on my car and Loran is one of a handful that i trust.

If anybody is looking for really quality suspension work, he is definitely the go to person for any suspension mods. He works on cars like they are his own, so you know its going to be perfect. Everything is always done right the first time around which is more then i can say for some shops ive been to where the owner doesn’t do their own work and has an unexperienced tech installing parts.

Every time ive taken my car to The Open Track Connection, everything is always done to perfect specs and measurements which is very important when it comes to suspension mods. You can always get suspension components installed for cheap at "performance shops", but to be done right by an experienced racer that knows what he is doing is definitely worth the extra cash.

Thanks Loran, i'm loving my new torque arm and PHB setup

James Isham

My 98 cobra stock suspension was completely worn. CYAZ06 from The Open Track Connection supplied and installed me with a Maximum Motorsports road and track box suspension kit. Wow, what a difference. The car handles like a sports car now and is no longer a ‘cruiser’. It’s an absolute blast to drive. So good that I need better seats now for lateral support…

With his racing experience, CYAZ06 is very knowledgeable. He also noticed a few issues with my car while working on it and took care of me and even through in some ford racing aluminum coil covers for free that he had laying around the shop. I’m particularly impressed with the care he took to perfect the suspension/alignment rather than simply slapping the parts on.


I was recommended to Loran by a local parts place when I asked about finding someone to adjust my bumpsteer kit on my '91 Mustang.  my car has pretty much all Maximum Motorsport suspension parts and Loran was very familiar with how everything worked and how it should be installed.  He explained/showed me how the bumpsteer was not set up right and then measured/installed the correct spacer stack.  Now it drives great and I couldn't be happier with the car.  Whenever anyone ever asks me where they should go to get this kind of work done, I've been pointing them to Loran.