Corner Weighting

Corner Weighting/Scaling

Corner Weighting

Once we have installed your coil-over suspension, mount the rims with the tires you will be driving with, and complete all other items that could impact your vehicle’s weight and placement of that weight, it will be necessary to corner weight the car. By changing the weight distribution on the car, you affect the way your car will behave when cornering. The ultimate goal is to find the balance that will eventually lead to a neutral, all around better handling street car, quicker 60 ft. and lap times. All aspects of performance driving in a Mustang can be drastically improved by corner weighting the car.

For Example:

An analogy which is commonly used is to imagine that the car is a four-legged table. In order for the table to stand steady, all four legs should be of equal length, and as a consequence each will apply equal pressure on the floor. If one leg is longer or shorter than the others, the table will rock and thus be unstable. The suspension of the car uses the same general theory and needs to be adjusted so that the car is stable. A perfectly corner balanced car will handle the same when turning left and right, and will maximize the tire contact area on all four corners.

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