Mustang Chassis

Whether you are building a house, garage, sky scraper or improving the performance of your Mustang, a solid foundation always gives you a quality result. The flimsy Mustang uni-body construction and OE suspension rob you of power, performance, handling, grip and ride quality even before you do anything.

Adding a lot of power to a basically stock car is a recipe for disaster or at least a jolt of major excitement as you try to control, turn or stop a speeding rubber band. Building your Performance Foundation first won't give you any more horsepower, but it will allow you the opportunity to actually use more of the power you have.

Many times we have installed only a chassis kit on a Mustang only to have someone drive it and then say - "Hey what did you do to the engine, it runs great!" The reality is that we didn't even touch the engine, but we did make more of the power available and usable.

With the broad range of available chassis options please contact us for more information on installation, and custom chassis fabrication.  Services include:

  • Strut Tower Brace installation
  • K Member Brace installation
  • Sub Frame Connectors
  • Inner Sub Frame Connectors
  • Bulkhead Stiffeners
  • Jacking Rails
  • Matrix Braces
  • Shock Tower Braces

CONTACT us with any questions.