About Us

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The Open Track Connection was established in 2008 to provide top of the line suspension components and service for all late model mustang platforms.  Providing expertise in not only installing components, but adjusting these components to be effective to their utmost ability, and design.

While many shops slap parts on and get you out the door to start on another car, The Open Track Connection is diligent in installing these parts, and setting the car up to obtain, and exceed the customers goals and expectations.  We will do it right the first time.  Since 2008, we have not had 1 customer bring their car back due to poor install, quality of parts, or improper set up.  We are very proud of that.

The Open Track Connection will sit down with you and go over your goals.  We want to assure that the car is going to perform as expected.  Whether it is a smooth street machine, or full blown race car.  How many times have we purchased parts for our cars to only have to take them off and replace them later with something that we just should have installed in the first place?  We all have.

We at The Open Track Connection will treat your car like it is our own.  We will keep you informed and up to date with all facets of your installation and communicate with you in times of unforeseen problems or observations.  We want you to leave satisfied knowing that your car is set up perfectly. 

We are always available to answer questions and give honest, straight forward recommendations for your prized possession.  Even if you just want to see “what’s out there”, we will take the time to help you. 

In the end, we want you to be a good friend, as well as a satisfied customer.  Our goal is for you to say one phrase. "WOW!!  I never knew my car could handle like that."

Give us a call.  You will not regret it.